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Eric will perform a thorough detailed analysis of your current golf swing.  This analysis will focus on your current mechanics and how to establish a reliable shot pattern. During this time Eric will answer any questions you may have and outline a strategy designed to quickly improve the outcome of your swing. 

Eric will review your progress and provide the details and guidance how to continue to refine your game.    

Filming Guidlines

Filming Guidlines

For best results, please record videos using a high frame rate camera, such as a Casio F1, iPhone or iPad in slow-mo on a stable base such as a tripod.


For "down the line," position the camera parallel to the target line, between the golfers hands and legs at address.  For "caddy view," position the camera perpendicular to the target line directly in front of the golfer.  Please make sure both videos are shot at chest height and capture both the golfers club and body throughout the entire swing. 

Down the line

caddy view


1. Create a free youtube account

2. Upload your video files

3. Go to your video upload gallery

4. Select your  video

5. Open your video and copy the url           from the address bar in your browser

6. Paste the url in the questionair form

Youtube upload guidlines


contact eric

Whether you would like to schedule a lesson or have a general question, please feel free to contact Eric.

(516) 418-7218


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