Eric is a Class A PGA Professional. With over a decade of experience coaching, he is highly regarded by his students and colleagues for his ability to help golfers of all levels improve and enjoy the game more. His systematic approach has proven to train golfers to play better and see results faster. Eric specializes in analyzing swings, describing their cause and effect and creating personalized training programs.  


Originally from Michigan, Eric is a Ferris State University graduate with a degree in Professional Golf Management. While at Ferris State, Eric was fortunate to obtain an internship with Chris Foley at The Classic in Brainerd, Minnesota.  Chris was the first instructor Eric met who incorporated the use of video and technology during his lessons. Observing Chris teach inspired Eric to pursue the skills required to help golfers of all levels improve.  


Upon graduation, Eric achieved Class A PGA Membership and began his career working with Darrell Kestner at Deepdale Golf Club in Manhasset, New York. While learning and developing his teaching ability under the mentorship of Darrell and Jeff Gschwind for eight seasons, Eric continued to seek golf’s leading instructors for even greater knowledge during the off-season.


Eric spent three winters at Doral learning from Chris Toulson and Biomechanist Rob Neal. It was during this time that Eric was introduced to Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. Eric was quickly intrigued by Andy and Mike’s system of instruction based upon a three-dimensional description of the golf swing and after many years of study and observation it has become a very strong influence of his teaching approach.  


After assisting with the opening of Golf & Body NYC, Eric returned to Florida to support Mike Bennett instructing golfers ranging from aspiring juniors to professional tour players.


Today, Eric offers personalized individual and group instruction to members, nonmembers, golf professionals and junior golfers at Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley, New York. Eric has a unique ability to accurately describe and communicate complex ideas in a simple manner. His easy-going personality creates an enjoyable and productive learning environment.