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I admire Eric's pursuit of excellence.   He is one of the most diligent and thoughtful people I have met in my travels.  He is surely an expert in his field and I value his friendship.




Eric worked with me for eight years.  During that time I saw Eric grow into an exceptional teacher.  While he is relatively young he has the knowledge of the golf swing of someone much older and more experienced.  When I have a problem with my game I will ask him his opinion.  He has an incredible eye to diagnose the problem very quickly and always has a remedy for any issue I am having.  He has a calm demeanor but a fierce desire to help his students.  They always walk away with a better understanding of their golf swing and enthused to get better. 


While teaching with Eric in March of 2014 at a corporate retreat in Arizona, he analyzed my golf swing and outlined a concise program for improvements that included practice drills I could perform on my own.  One year later we returned to Arizona and compared my swing on video.  It showed a tremendous improvement.  I had come very close to achieving 100% of Eric’s goals.  Eric’s outline lead to immediate results!




I was an overconfident 15 handicap when the senior pro at Doral mentioned to me that he had invited a young man from Long Island to join us for a playing lesson.  "He hits the ball a long way" was all he said.  Oh my god, he certainly did.  When I returned to Long Island, I called Eric Brelowski at Deepdale and asked if he could begin to work with me.  My goal, simple- enjoy my rounds.  Eric, I discovered, has a coherent biodynamic understanding of the golf swing that simplifies the varied arcs and rotations of the arms, body and legs to a single repeatable motion.  It is simple concept, yet athletically demanding and, when accomplished, you are rewarded with a straight and consistent shot flight.  It takes time and patience to learn a new golf swing.  Eric has the patience if you have the time.  You too might one day hear your playing partner’s comment:  “I have never seen a drive wind up that far down the fairway on this golf course.”  Goal achieved. Now on to the next level.


When I bother to take a lesson it’s for 1 of 2 reasons: either to quick fix me so I can play immediately with friends, or, if I have a bit more time to play and practice, to improve my overall game. Eric can do either and understands. I have done both with him over the past few years. Better than any other teacher I have had, he can spot the area for quickest return on improvement or he can masterfully deconstruct (and then reassemble) your swing for some more serious, long-term overhauls... Nothing bothers him, he is unfailingly positive. And a realist: I am not going on the Senior Tour, I play weekend golf, please don’t grind me down with a way too chatty, over-analytical lesson - Let me still enjoy this sometimes infuriating game, stay motivated, AND have a well-diagnosed short checklist for both competence and confidence. Eric delivers all of that. 


When I first started with Eric I was hitting the ball fat all the time.  He was able to correct that easily.  Working with him I have consistently been able to hit the driver farther than I ever have.  He likes for you as a student to understand why you're doing what he explained in order for you to improve your golf swing.  Working with Eric has taught me how to recognize based on the ball flight what I did wrong when I hit a bad shot and what needs to be corrected so that I wont make the same mistake again. He has improved my game on all levels from putting to short game and without question my ball striking.  I can say that my handicap has definitely lowered because of Eric.


I would give Eric the highest of praise for my golf lessons with him. He was able to quickly analyze where I was at in the development of my golf swing, and my game. He was then able to instruct me on what were the most important things I should do next to improve. His enthusiasm to make sure I knew why I needed to make the changes, and how to make the changes,were wonderful. I would highly recommend Eric to any golfer who would like to improve and enjoy their game more.


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